Aims & Values


  • For all families to feel valued, listened to, respected and acknowledged
  • Equality – the voice for all parents
  • Need to ensure we are not “autism heavy” –must reach /represent all disabilities
  • Aim to engage hard to reach parents/carers
  • Get our voices heard

We are here to listen, not to judge. Your stories and feedback help shape the way we create partnerships with local service providers

Your situation is just as important as everyone else’s. We promise to treat your needs just the same as every other family. We are here to make Essex a better place for all families.

We are here for you, and we are here to represent you. We will try our hardest in all our interactions to represent your needs in a caring, honest way

We will strive to ensure that everything we do will be completely clear and accountable. Your goal is our goal.

We will do our best to create the structure and framework for families to gain the skills and capabilities to represent themselves to enable their voices to be heard.

We will create a forum that will encourage others to work with us and build on the groundwork of those who came before us.

We will endeavour to engage parents and carers across the county to ensure that everyone’s ideas are represented.

We understand the stress, stigma and barriers a family can face when trying to reach out. We promise to be sensitive and thoughtful so that you can easily place your trust in us.

We commit to giving you an honest reflection of what we can do and what local services providers can do.

We will do everything we can to work with you in a supportive, creative way.

Let’s do this together. We will support and work in partnership with you and others to make a difference.

We will strive to make as much difference as we can in the best possible way.