Schools in Essex are now sending out “Reasonable Endeavours” letters to all families of children with Education, Health & Care Plans.    The letters outline how your child’s school will be contacting you in the next couple of weeks to arrange a conversation about a temporary plan of support for your child.  Schools have been given a couple of weeks to send out the letters so don’t panic if you have not received your letter yet.  In the meantime, a copy of the letter and all the accompanying information can be found here.      


Reasonable Endeavours    letter from ECC dated 19th May 2020.

“What will happen” during your Reasonable Endeavours conversation Information Sheet.

Reasonable Endeavours – Key Messages – What the Government has told Local Authorities to do

Reasonable Endeavours – Legal Fact Sheet – Explains why is this happening.

If you do not receive a call or email to set up this discussion by 12 June 2020, please send an email to:


Letter from ECC on re-opening of schools.