As one of our valued Family Champions you will need to complete our specifically devised training programme. The training program is an online course which you can complete in the comfort of your own home. If online training is not for you, that is okay, we will still be holding training days.

If you’re interested in becoming a family champion or would like to nominate a representative(s) please contact us to register your interest.

What will be included in the training sessions?

The training sessions will include:

  • how the Family Champion role works
  • how to set boundaries
  • communication skills
  • maintaining confidentiality
  • safeguarding
  • upholding our code of conduct
  • completing relevant paperwork
  • the exciting Graffiti Wall project.

What happens after I complete my training?

We understand that taking on a new role such as this can feel a little daunting, especially in the beginning but, as with most new experiences, confidence in carrying out the role will grow over time especially with the support of your fellow Family Champions, your Family Champion lead and the team from Essex Family Forum.  

You will be provided with some resources for you to collect information on challenges being faced by families in your groups to feedback to your local area meeting, as well as sharing information from Essex Family Forum to your groups. 

Essex Family Forum will be hosting termly, local area meetings; giving the Family Champions in each area the opportunity to meet and share information and concerns raised by their groups.  

The locations and times of the meetings will vary each term to ensure that all corners of Essex are included and won’t be restricted to one location in each area.  

As a Family Champion you may also have the opportunity to participate in small working groups in relation to education, health and social care services for your area.  Increasing parent representation in this manner is essential to ensure that services are meeting the needs of the families in their local area.  Your role will make a positive impact.  It will also put you in the position of being able to raise awareness of services which are available to families. 

Essex Family Forum will reimburse reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred whilst carrying out your volunteering duties carried out on their behalf in accordance with the current Expenses and Remuneration policy.

If you are interested in becoming a family champion or would like to nominate a representative(s) please contact us to register your interest. 

Please note that you must register to be enrolled onto the online training course.

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