Graffiti wall

Graffiti Wall

As a SEND parent/carer do you sometimes feel you’re hitting your head against a brick wall?

Has there been a SEND service or practitioner that has made a real positive impact for your child/young person?

We want to hear about the experiences of our SEND Families in Essex.

What do we want to know?   Everything! 

From NHS waiting times to support in schools, accessing clubs/activities, to obtaining equipment to support your child.

Tell us what life is like for you – what works, what doesn’t, how can it be improved.

Share your experiences on our Graffiti Wall by clicking on the image or clicking here

You can read our latest Graffiti Wall report by clicking on the image on the left.

The report has been shared with SEND Leaders in Education, Health and Social Care ahead of our Family Feedback meeting with them on 7th March 2023.   We will be collaborating with them to produce a timely response to the feedback received.  This will outline where improvement work is already ongoing or whether additional improvement work will be considered as a result of the graffiti wall feedback.

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