Management Committee (MC)

The MC sets the strategic direction for EFF and oversees the general management of all EFF work. Certain members of the MC also have designated roles; e.g. Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Company Secretary,HR Lead.

EFF are always looking for new members to volunteer their experience and strengthen the Management Committee. If you are interested, please contact us on

Strategic Development Coordinators (SDC)

The SDCs are the operational ‘bridge’ between the MC and the Quadrant Leads. The SDCs have an in-depth overview of all the work being undertaken by EFF and, as experts in their designated areas, they make recommendations to the MC. SDCs attend the majority of strategic meetings and boards and have involvement at regional and national level as well.

Family Champion Quadrant Leads (QL)

The QLs are each responsible for a quadrant of Essex – North East, Mid, South and West and support the FCs within their quadrant. Their role is to coordinate the voluntary work of the FCs, as well as to support and encourage their involvement with projects, training and development. The role is largely involved with getting out in to the SEND community, linking with SEND families, and also with frontline services and organisations used by SEND families. The QLs have some involvement with strategic meetings pertinent to their quadrant area.

Family Champions (FC)

FCs are the much-appreciated and vital group of volunteers, without whom EFF would be unable to gather the lived experiences of SEND families and fulfil its purpose. FCs are the first point of contact for SEND families. The role can include signposting families to services and support, helping to spread the word about the work of EFF, attending/ supporting events (either with QL or independently), input in to any relevant reviews, surveys and projects. In many ways, this role is the ‘eyes and ears’ of EFF. Any person in any of the other identified roles within EFF also acts as a FC.

If you are interested in learning more about this role click here – Family Champion

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