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The Feedback Coordination & Oversight group (or Feedback COG for short) meet regularly to review all feedback received from families across Essex (excluding Southend and Thurrock, as these are separate, unitary, authorities).  The membership of the Feedback COG includes senior SEND leaders from Essex County Council’s Education and Social Care Teams and Essex Health Care Partners, The Multi Schools Council and Essex Family Forum Representatives.  

The responsibility of the Feedback COG is to identify issues that may be a consequence of a short-term problem that can be addressed and resolved fairly quickly. The representatives in the group are well-placed to know whether there is already improvement work ongoing to address more systemic issues that are highlighted by the feedback.  

They can also make decisions on whether additional improvement work needs to be considered as a result. The findings from these reviews will be shared with our families. 

We have worked with the membership of the Feedback COG to ensure we will work collaboratively on the feedback provided to us and detail the specific process for feedback provided through the Graffiti wall.  

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