ADHD Medication

Important information regarding Medication for the treatment of ADHD.

There is currently a shortage of some of the medicines used to treat ADHD. These supply problems are likely to remain into the first few weeks/months of 2024.

A letter was sent to all schools In Essex updating them on the current situation you can find a copy HERE.

The National Network of Parent Carer Forums have also written to Ministers outlining it's concerns, and what steps the government is taking to address the shortage of medication, and the increased levels of support that is needed for children and young people in education. You can find out more about this HERE.

As a forum we are continuing to monitor the impact this is having on families so please share your experiences through our anonymous Graffiti Wall HERE.

Which medicines are affected?

Not all medication is affected. The following medications are in short supply, and at times may not be available, but their availability is changing daily:

▪ Methylphenidate

▪ Lisdexamfetamine

▪ Atomoxetine

▪ Guanfacine

What should I do as a parent or Carer?

Parents and carers are being asked to only order prescriptions when there is 7 – 10 days’ supply of medicine left for your child.

The NHS are asking that you do not stockpile medicines and have stated your prescribing clinician will not be able to issue your prescription any earlier.

Stocks of medication will vary between community pharmacies.  If your usual community pharmacy is not able to supply your medication, please try calling or visiting other local pharmacies.


What should I do if the medication my child or young person is taking, is not available?

Your pharmacist in the first instance may be able to advise you when new stock is expected or in certain circumstances, may be able to arrange an alternative medication in the short term.

If you are unable to obtain your medication, then you should contact your prescribing clinician this could be, community paediatrician, ADHD Nurse/services, or your GP, for advice of what to do next.


All schools in Essex have been notified about the potential shortage in ADHD medication.  If your child or young person’s medication is affected (including needing to be changed), we recommend speaking to their education setting, requesting that everyone involved in supporting and/or teaching your child/young person is made aware and discuss what additional strategies need to be put in place until the situation is stablised.


Contact Details:

Mid and South Essex – Maldon, Braintree, Chelmsford, Basildon, Brentwood, Castle-point, Rochford, Southend or Thurrock

If you live in Mid and South Essex they have a helpful webpage with useful information:

Suffolk and North East Essex

If you live in Suffolk and North East Essex (Colchester and Tendering) below is some useful contact numbers:

  • East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

(Colchester, Clacton, and Harwich hospitals): Tel: 07907 576486


  • Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust: (E-mail is preferred method of contact)

Tel: 01268 2435555


  • NSFT Adult ADHD Services:

East Suffolk: or Tel: 01473 279200

West Suffolk: or Tel: 01284 733 188


  • NSFT Children’s ADHD Services:

East Suffolk: or Tel: 01473 237070

West Suffolk: or Tel: 01284 733188


  • Community Paediatric service (West Suffolk Foundation Trust):

Tel: 01284 741744


West Essex (Harlow, Epping Forest, Uttlesford)

If you live in West Essex below is a useful link:

Supply shortage of medicines for ADHD – Hertfordshire and West Essex NHS ICB